Amanda Simoes - Professional Alcohol Speaker

Amanda Simoes


Amanda Simoes, celebrated alcohol speaker, is changing the lives of people everywhere by exposing the perils of alcohol - alcoholism, alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse, alcohol misuse, binge drinking and underage drinking.

Her philosophy is 'Forewarned is Forearmed.' - and it works!


Amanda is highly regarded by professionals in academia and the world of work. Both groups are impressed by her personal life experiences with the demon drink and by the profound impact of her lectures and interactive workshops on her diverse audiences. These include pupils from Prep Level to Sixth Form in the independent school sector and also staff, matrons and parents; and institutions as widely apart as the Metropolitan Police, City of London organisations including Women in Banking and the Institute of Professional Development.


Amanda visits schools and colleges countrywide. She meets pupils and teachers every week to expose the perils of Alcohol Misuse. The pertinent message is 'Forewarned is Forearmed.' Her lectures are extremely well received by all these diverse audiences around the country. The lecture circuit has been growing in substance and stature over the last eight years and is continuing robustly.


Various magazines and newspapers have published Amanda's story, not to mention a live television appearance for ITN (see right).


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